CWWC save hundreds of sick, orphaned and injured animals per year. We do not receive any state or local funding and run solely on the generosity of those with an affection for wildlife. The average cost to care for each patient is $25. All proceeds go directly towards the care of the animals at our wildlife center.

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Donate your time - Become a volunteer

🌿 Transform Your Passion into Impact: Join Camp Wildernest Wildlife Center as a Volunteer!

Why Camp Wildernest?

⛺️ Seasonal Flexibility: The fall and winter months offer the perfect opportunity to learn about migratory songbird care during our less hectic training season.

⛺️ Convenient Scheduling: Choose flexible 2-hour shifts to easily fit volunteering into your busy life.

⛺️ Minimum Commitment, Maximum Reward: With just a two-hour commitment per week, you can make a significant impact toward recovery for our wild patients.

What We Offer:

⛺️ A Warm Community: Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher or have a special affection for reptiles, you’ll find a welcoming and passionate team at Camp Wildernest, as well as an environment where teaching and learning never ends.

⛺️ Flexible Opportunities: Volunteer as much as you wish, with shifts available from Sunday to Saturday to suit your schedule.

⛺️ A Heartfelt Experience: Immerse yourself in an experience where your love for nature can truly make a difference!

Ready to Spread Your Wings?

⛺️ CWWC offers different roles and levels of commitment. Our volunteers are trained in cleaning cages for birds, small mammals, and turtles, depending on their interests. We also need volunteers who are willing to drive transports, which may include either injured animals or donated produce deliveries.

Join us in this fulfilling mission! If you can spare two hours a week and have a heart for native wildlife, apply online today and become a part of our volunteer team at Camp Wildernest.

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